After calling off her engagement, Lorelai takes Rory on a road trip to Harvard.  The ladies stay at a bed & breakfast and then head to the school.

Gilmore Girls
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Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Lorelai:(walking into a dorm room at Harvard) Suzie... Suzie...
Rory: What are you doing?
Lorelai: If anyone catches us in here, that is our excuse. Besides, there is a thirty-percent chance the girl who lives in here is named Suzie.
Rory: Okay, this is breaking and entering. Let's go.
Lorelai: Wait! Let me get a picture of you at the desk. (Rory sits down) No! Look at the book like you're studying. There. (Takes picture)
Rory: Okay, now let's go.
Lorelai: Fine. (Leave dorm room, run into another girl right outside) Oh, hey Suzie!

Lorelai: I think it's time to make a move.
Luke: Meaning?
Lorelai: I'm diving in. Sookie and I are finally gonna open that inn.
Luke: Yeah, I know.
Lorelai:: No. I mean now. We've been talking about it and dreaming about it and it's time to finally get going on it.
Luke:: Well, if the time is right.
Lorelai: It is. You think I can hack being a business owner?
Luke: I think you can hack anything.