Gilmore Girls Season 1

"Love, Daisies and Troubadours"

Rachel leaves when she thinks there's something going on between Luke and Lorelai; Rory finally tells Dean she loves him.

"P.S. I Lo..."

Rory and Lorelai fight and Rory takes off in a cab to stay with her grandparents.

"Emily in Wonderland"

Rory gives Emily a tour of Stars Hollow, frightening her grandmother when they reach the shed that Lorelai raised Rory in.

"The Third Lorelai"

Richard's mother, the original Lorelai, visits and not only voices her disapproval of Emily but also makes Lorelai an offer.

"The Breakup, Part 2"

Rory attempts to get over Dean by going with Lane to a party where she ends up kissing Tristan.

"Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers"

Rory and Dean celebrate their three month anniversary, but Dean is unable to say, "I love you."

"Christopher Returns"

Christopher Hayden, Rory's father, makes a brief return to Stars Hollow.

"That Damn Donna Reed"

After an evening of "The Donna Reed Show" rerurns, Dean and Rory argue over his approval of the 1950s lifestyle.

"Concert Interruptus"

Lorelai, Sookie, Rory and Lane plan to attend a concert of The Bangles, but when Lane's mother finds out, she refuses to let her daughter go.

"Double Date"

Lane convinces Rory to get her a double date with Dean's best friend. Lorelai accepts a blind double date with Jackson's cousin, Roon.

"Paris Is Burning"

Lorelai attends Chilton's parents day to break up with Max, but ends up kissing him in front of Paris.

"Forgiveness and Stuff"

After Richard has a heart attack at a Christmas party which Lorelai wasn't invited to, Emily and Lorelai make up.

"Rory's Dance"

Rory and Dean attend a Chilton dance together and confirm they're boyfriend and girlfriend. Emily stays at Lorelai's.

"Love and War and Snow"

When the first snow falls, Lorelai and Max have their first date. Lane is upset with Rory for being distracted.

"Kiss and Tell"

Rory and Dean have their first kiss at Doose's Market and the whole town finds out before Lorelai.

"Rory's Birthday Parties"

Emily throws a birthday party for Rory which just ends up causing a fight between Emily and Lorelai.

"Cinnamon's Wake"

Rory discovers Lorelai and Max are dating, while Lorelai discovers Rory and Dean have begun dating. Cinnamon, the neighbor's cat, passes away.

"The Deer Hunters"

After Rory gets a D in English, she spends all night cramming for a Shakespeare test only to miss it the next day.

"Kill Me Now"

Rory is forced to take up a sport at Chilton. Emily convinces Richard to take Rory to the club, who ends up liking it.

"The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton"

Rory's first day at her new school, Chilton, is rough when she meets her new rival, Paris. Lorelai doesn't wake up in time.

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Rory is accepted into an expensive private school and the only way single mother, Lorelai can afford it is her parents.

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What in the world?

</i> Lorelai

Paris: Why are they letting all these extra people in? They just take up space and screw up the curve. We don't need any new kids here.
Louise: Too late.