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On From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 10, Seth rushes to Kate's side and gives her a blood transfusion in order to save her life. When Kate wakes up, she realizes that she can defeat Amaru and close the gate to Xibalba because Amaru is still a part of her. If Kate walks through the gate, it will close.

Richie runs to the gate to try to stop Amaru, but it is too late. The gate is open. After escaping the hold Amaru put him in, Richie gets a little help in attempting to close the gate from Sex Machine and Zolo. Of course, Sex Machine then gets possessed and throws all three of them through the gate.

Meanwhile, Freddie takes Margaret and Billie out of town, and soon after they leave, Margaret starts seizing. Freddie takes her to a hospital where Dr. Dakota Block happens to work, but Amaru's reach is far. She manages to manipulate the staff at the hospital, and they all start killing.

Kisa decides to take on Amaru, in order to get her away from the gate so that Kate can walk through it. Round one does not go well for Kisa, but she gets back up. Kisa does not waste her second shot at Amaru.

Carlos, being the cryptic guy that he is, pops up in Xibalba and encourages Richie to get back to Seth before it is too late. You see, Carlos can't fight against the Xibalbans because he is one of them, thanks to the deal he made in the labyrinth that is the Titty Twister.

At the gate, Amaru tortures Scott, hoping to convince Kate to not walk through the gate. Since there's still a part of Amaru in Kate, Amaru can't kill Kate. In the end, Kate walks through the gate, but then she comes back through with Richie.

Kisa makes her way to the gate and kills Amaru, and Amaru's hold over everyone, including those at the hospital, is gone. Kate throws the amulet through the gate, and everyone heads off to live their lives. 

Kisa is off to become La Diosa to her people. Scott invites Kate to go on the road with him, but she declines. Kate joins up with her partner, Seth, and Richie, and they go back to robbing banks.

At the end, Robert Knepper's character, you know the one that captured Freddie, and another college go to the gate and retrieve Amaru's amulet.

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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Richie: Are we going to say it?
Seth: Say what? Ah. Here's to getting rich and fat.
Richie: And dying in the arms of a beautiful woman.

Seth: You do your thing.
Richie: What thing is that?
Seth: The thing where you crack the safe.
Richie: Oh, right. I like that thing.