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Richie and Santánico are still trying to get used to the new worlds they are living in. Richie is learning more about what it is like to be a culebra, and Santánico is learning how to be a professional thief. Their target is Lord Malvado, one of the nine lords responsible for entrapping Santánico. TO get to him, they have to take down his operation.

Seth and Kate are struggling at pulling small time jobs in Mexico. Kate is focused on finding her brother, while Seth turns to heroin to forget his. He also expands his tattoo to reach up to his neck.

Kate meets a young man named Rafa, who also happens to be a culebra. She asks him for help, and he shows her a different side of Santánico. While Kate works on finding Scott, Seth works on getting the two of them fake passports so they can finally leave Mexico.

Back at the Titty Twister, things aren't going so well since Santánico left. No one is coming to the show, which causes Lord Malvado to come and rip off Narcisso's face to wear on his coat. Malvado brings back the Regulator to track down Santánico and bring her back to the Titty Twister. Meanwhile, Carlos escapes from the labyrinth after ripping out his fangs.

Richie and Santánico realize that they have to shed their old identities if they want to take down Malvado, so Richie dresses up two corpses to look like him and Seth, and then he puts them in the famous Gecko car and makes it so they drive off a cliff and explode.

Freddie is called to the crime scene, and even though he checks for fangs on Richie's corpse and finds them missing, he still declares the Geckos dead.

From Dusk Till Dawn
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From Dusk Till Dawn Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh boy, he's back to the turquoise. This guy's got a bolo collection like my uncle Eddie's video stash.


Not another stakeout, please.