Fringe Season 5

"An Enemy of Fate"

On the Fringe series finale, the fate of mankind hangs in the balance as the team fights its final battle against the Observers.

"The Boy Must Live"

Walter enters the deprivation tank on this week's episode of Fringe. His goal? Learn more about Donald.

"Anomaly XB-6783746"

The Fringe teams needs help from Nina Sharp this week. They try to devise a plan to bring down the Observers.

"Black Blotter"

On Fringe, a signal leads Peter and Olivia to a shocking scene in the forest while Walter uses LSD to jog his memory.

"The Human Kind"

On Fringe, Olivia runs across a woman with remarkable powers of intuition while she's out searching for equipment for Walter. Peter's observations put him in danger.


When the rebellion reaches new levels, an event is created by a member of the team on Fringe.

"Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There"

A Fringe team member assumes a new role this week, while Walter goes on an important search.

"An Origin Story"

On Fringe, during a catastrophic event a member of the team makes a surprising decision.

"The Bullet That Saved the World."

The team questions whether Broyles can be trusted when they all find themselves in the middle of hostile territory on Fringe.

"The Recordist"

The team comes in contact with a group determined to record mankind's history as the battle with the Observers continues on Fringe.

"In Absentia"

Looking for information to help with their rebellion against the overlords, the team heads to Harvard to investigate Walter's former lab on Fringe.

"Transilience Thought Unifier Model 11"

Fringe takes us to 2036 on the season five premiere of this great Fox drama.

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