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There is a new dynamic on the Fringe as Peter Bishop has been erased from both universes.

Olivia and Fauxlivia are sharing case information.

Lincoln Lee is reintroduced as an FBI agent on our side who gets caught up with the Fringe Division when his partner succombs to a new breed of shapes hifter.

Olivia reluctantly brings Lincoln in on the case, and he becomes a part of the team.

Our side believes the new strain of shape shifters may report to Walternate, and Olivia inducts Lincoln in the other universe when she delivers her proof to Fauxlivia.

Walter is dependent upon Astrid and Olivia, and living in the lab since Peter is not there to anchor him.


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very good -don;t take off-


Well acted, well written, intriguing, well directed. Despite knowing that this is all science fiction the quality of the writing and the acting brings just enough plausibility to remove it from the ridiculous category. Keep up the great work and please don't make any drastic changes for the sake of adverisers or some other nonsense. Those types of changes invariably ruin a great show. Before making a drastic change might I suggest you do a poll of the viewers.