Fringe Season 4

"Brave New World Part 2"

It has all come down to this on the season four finale of Fringe. Which world will survive?

"Brave New World, Part 1"

Walter must revisit his past this week when a mysterious event threatens the world. It's part one of the season four finale.

"Worlds Apart"

Shocking developments come to light about the Cortexiphan children on this episode of Fringe.

"Letters In Transit"

In 2036 the Observers and the Fringe team find themselves involved in an epic battle.

"The Consultant"

When a Fringe event affects both worlds, Walter travels to the alternate universe to help. David Robert Jones picks his next target.

"Everything in its Right Place"

Lincoln Lee visits the Alternate Universe to assist on a case.

"Nothing As It Seems"

A Fringe cast is familiar to Peter on this episode, but it's brand new to everyone else.

"A Short Story About Love"

Peter tries to decide what to do about Olivia this week, while a killer is out and about, targeting love.

"The End of All Things"

This is a significant episode of Fringe, as Peter and the team take extraordinary steps to prevent life-threatening events.

"A Better Human Being"

The Fringe team investigates a series of murders on this episode, "A Better Human Being."

"Welcome to Westfield"

Peter is trapped in a mysterious town on Fringe this week, while Olivia barely escapes from a collapsing building.

"Making Angels"

Astrid receives an unexpected visit this week, while Peter and Olivia go after a murderer equipped with a toxic, dangerous weapon.

"Forced Perspective"

Olivia is distracted this week by a warning from the Observers, while Peter assists with the search for a mysterious girl.

"Enemy of My Enemy"

A new adversary makes his presence felt on this episode of Fringe. He shows up during Peter's visit to the other side.

"Back To Where You've Never Been"

Peter confronts Walternate on the first Fringe episode of 2012. Olivia, meanwhile, learns of a dire premonition.


The Fringe team looks into a couple mysterious deaths and their connection to an unknown genetic disorder this week. Olivia also suffers some major headaches.

"And Those We've Left Behind"

Stephen Root guest stars on this episode of Fringe. Read on for a recap of the latest Fringe episode.


Arye Gross comes on board this week as a scientist. Read on for our latest Fringe recap.

"Subject 9"

It's off to Massive Dynamic in New York this week for Walter and Olivia. That's a big step for the former.

"Alone in the World"

Aaron Bird guest stars this week as an infected boy. Walter takes a special interest in the case.

"One Night in October"

The body count rises Over There as the result of a serial killer this week. The the murderer's alternate identity takes the case Over Here.

"Neither Here Nor There"

A lot has changed on Fringe. The season four premiere picks up in the wake of season three's shocking revelation about Peter.

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