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-Stanton Infeld is charged with the murder of Gibson Hawk, Stanton's best friend who died on a mountaintop 15 years ago but his body was just found. Gibson was stabbed with a knife with Infeld's name inscribed.

-Stanton asks Franklin & Bash to defend him. His claiming self defense. Gibson was suffering from oxygen deprivation and attacked him.

-Brett, an attorney from the New York office takes over while Stanton's in jail. She pulls Damien from the case and asks Hanna to transfer to the New York office.

-When it looks as though Stanton might be found guilty, Franklin and Bash take the jury on a field trip to the coroners office. The medical examiner says that now that Gibson's body has thawed out, it shows signs of oxygen deprivation which confirms Stanton's story. The DA cuts a deal with Stanton for community service.

-Damien and Hanna realize that Brett was sabotaging Stanton's case to further her career and send her back to New York.

-Stanton tells Hanna that some day she will be his successor.

-Hanna represents a wrestler fighting to keep his mask. The promoters claim the character, Ultimo is their property. Instead of fighting it out in court, Ultimo and his possible replacement wrestle for it. Ultimo wins.

-Jared and Ultimo's daughter hook up at the after party.


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Franklin & Bash Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Perhaps another athlete will text photos of his genitals. Wipe this mess off the front page.


Carmen: How did we spend $200 on handkerchiefs?
Jared: I'm studying magic.