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Jo arrives at the scene of the crime and is alarmed that Henry has sent Lucas in his place. The reason for this is that Henry knows the victim.

Lucas is negligent and speaks to a reporter. Henry takes the blame and is kicked off of the case. 

Lance is questioned in relation to the death after being seen on camera following her just before her death.

Gloria's granddaughter seems adamant that Lance is to blame for the death/

In flashbacks we see that Henry and Abigail met Gloria many years ago after gate crashing her party. She is very pleasant with them. This is a stark contrast to how she was just before her death.

Everything on the will is left to her nurse which alarms Henry.

Gloria's son, Conrad continually threatens Jo and Henry and it leads them to believe he could be involved.

It emerges that Gloria only had a few months to live and Henry comes to the conclusion that she killed herself by taking her sons epilepsy pills which led to her falling down the stairs. She dragged herself to a painting from an artist she loved and took her last breath trying to get closer to it.


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Forever Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Abe: You look terrible.
Henry: Well thank you. Even an immortal needs a solid six houra.

Jo: I guess the only question is - how badly do you want to solve this murder?
Henry: Let me grab my scarf.