Helping Jamal's Sister  - For Life Season 2 Episode 2
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  • Aaron arrives at Marie's home to see hsi family and meet his grandson. 
  • A nosy neighbor inquires about Darius being gone. 
  • Aaron's Probation Officer takes on the new case with Aaron and suspects he's only put on it to trip Aaron up and because he isn't white. 
  • Marie tells Aaron to sleep on the couch at first, but she kisses him before heading to bed. 
  • Aaron has nightmares about his time in prison. 
  • Aaron goes to speak to Jama's sister for help on his case. 
  • Aaron's battling PtSD from prison and is triggered by many things as he's trying to adapt. 
  • Aaron needs Jamal's sister to tell him more about Tony's criminal record. ( her ex-boyfriend Jamal killed).
  • Spencer, the man who screwed Aaron over reaches out to Aaron to make up for what he did. 
  • Spencer offers Aaron an opportunuity and money to work his pro-bono cases and help others. 
  • Scotty, the probation officer, shows up at Aaron's house early. He tells him to stay away from Jamal's sister, Georgia, and her boyfriend Dirk because of his record. He also keeps treating Aaron like a convict. He's pushing his buttons. 
  • Marie tells Aaron to consider the offer that Spencer made him because they'll need the money. 
  • Jamal's sister Georgia got arrested for drugs. Aaron gets her out and represents her in court. He gets her a deal and set up with drug court. 
  • Marie and Aaron argue over him not communicating with her. She wants him to take the deal with Spencer 
  • Henry and Aaron look at the space that Spencer is offering them. Aaron then negotiates the terms of his agreement to work with Spencer. 
  • Jamal calls him and he updates Jamal about his sister. Jamal thanks him and the other guys think he's a superhero. 
  • Aaron goes back home to Marie and apologizes to her and tells her about the deal. They make love.
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For Life Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Spencer: What about the broader issues in the criminal justice system?
Aaron: I ain't going to solve those.
Spencer: But we can put a dent in them.

Aaron: You know they were all cheering for me when I walked out?
Marie: No one has ever did what you did. You know that, right?