This was a frustrating episode of FlashForward. Nothing really happened, as Lloyd and Simon wasted their week's storyline playing a game of poker.

Lloyd won, which means Simon must now go along with him and announce to the world that they - and a couple other mystery dudes - were behind the blackouts. This felt like nothing but a way to drag out this plot, without actually revealing anything new.

Meanwhile, Janis returned to work, affected by Al's suicide. She said she wasn't sure where her life was headed. Then, inspired by a talk from Wedeck we guess, we went online to search for sperm donors. So now she's going out of her way to make her future come true?!? Where did that come from? She also used her video expertise to enhance images of Suspect Zero at the baseball stadium.

We see that he's wearing some sort of ring, which will come into play later.

First, let's talk about Aaron and Tracy. She's back, minus a leg. She tells her dad about getting blown up in the Humvee, as her fellow soldier explained last week. She says she was targeted because she had spotted Jericho - the Blackwater-esque company hired in Afghanistan - ransacking a town the week before. She told her army superiors about it and the result was apparently as assassination attempt.

But Tracy lived, nursed back to health by the same person Aaron saw in his vision; which entailed he and Tracy in some sort of Afghan cave on April 29, 2010.

Tracy is afraid Jericho is after her and has been on the run for the past two years. This may be connected to the blackout, as Mark spent the episode tracking down clues that led him to a guy with a three-star tattoo on his forearm. This (he thought) was the same guy that was trying to kill Mark in his flash forward. As a result, he took the guy out when he got the chance.

Future changed, right? Not so fast. The episode ends with a look at various guys, all supposedly from Jericho, loading equipment into their vehicle... all with three-star tattoos on their forearms.

One of them brings some mysterious guy a case - the same case he and the tattooed guy Mark shot had stolen from a man they killed earlier in the hour. The mystery man opens it, sees six rings and says there are supposed to be seven (see Suspect Zero, above). He then shoots the guy that brought him this package and walks away.

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FlashForward Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

You want the wager the fate of millions of people on the outcome of a poker game?


Simon: 20 million deaths on our shoulders. If that doesn't qualify us for God-hood, tell me: what does?