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We learn that 15 years ago, Aaron was in prison for assaulting a man during a bar fight. Tracy visits him in the prison and, when a guard makes inappropriate comments about her, Aaron attacks him. We see Aaron years later breaking his sobreity at the news of Tracy’s supposed death. In the present, he is tricked by Mike into revealing that Tracy is still alive and living in his home. Tracy is immediately abducted by Jericho operatives. Aaron puts this together and attacks Mike, demanding to know where Tracy is. Aaron then tricks his way into James Erskine’s house, assuming that Tracy is being held by the head of Jericho. He confronts Erskine and tells him that until he gets Tracy back, they are at war. Aaron intercepts a call from Erskine to another Jericho contact and learns that Tracy has been shipped to Afghanistan. He leaves a message for Mark, telling him he’s dropping off the grid for the time being.

Mark meets with Lloyd Simcoe about D. Gibbons. Hebrings him back to his house to make him go through his flash forward. In his flash, Lloyd received a text from Simon, about a formula he had written on his mirror. Lloyd calls Mark and tells him he is close to cracking the QED. In the present, Mark gets Lloyd to admit that he knows D. Gibbons, and that he is really a scientist named Dyson Frost who once stole his work on a mirror theory. The theory included experiments on crows, which leads Mark to believe that Somalia is important once again. Vogel will not let Mark go, saying he is too important to the investigation to risk in Somalia. He takes Demetri and Janis instead. Simon demands to join the mission, too.

Demetri and Zoey discuss his foreseen death. He comforts her, but she is worried. She visits Mark and confronts him about his predicted killing of her fiance.  She asks him to imagine a scenario in which he’d kill his partner. Mark does not believe he ever would, but adds that someone inside the bureau has been leaking information. Zoey approaches Stanford and serves him with a request for all the Mosaic files under the Freedom of Information Act; she is determined to see if there is a way to save Demetri. Zoey interogates Alda, promising to represent her in exchange for more information on Demetri.  Zoey’s concerns finally wear down Demetri and he takes her to the evidence locker to get Mark’s gun and dispose of it once and for all. However, when they go to claim the gun, they find out that it’s gone.

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