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This was an uneventful and boring an episode of any show we've ever watched. There may be a few details we leave out below, but this covers all the "important" events that took place:

- Aaron is worried because Tracy is drinking a lot. He also quits as Mark's sponsor after his friend asks if Aaron sent Olivia the text message about him drinking during his flash forward.

- Through a NSA recording, Demetri and Mark determine that the phone call from the woman that warned of Demetri's death emanated from Hong Kong. Against the orders of Wedeck, the last we see of these partners is them agreeing to fly there anyway.

- Bryce has cancer. That's why he wanted to kill himself on the series premiere. When Olivia finds out, she gets him into an experimental trial in Houston. But Bryce goes to Japan instead to try and track down the woman from his vision. The viewers see numerous scenes with her during the episode.

Her name is Keiko and she lands a job at a major robotics firm, but ends up quitting because they don't treat her well. Bryce learns her name, but fails to meet her because her mother lies about knowing her when Bryce ends up at her home. He returns to Los Angeles, broken hearted.

But the final scenes of the episode show that Keiko has also come to L.A. Yay... we guess. This means that each individual's flash forward - in which they meet up at a Los Angeles restaurant - is on the path of coming true. We're just not sure why we should care. At all.

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