Watch Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 11 Online via TV Fanatic to see Crash's return and Kyle's farewell.

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David and Elizabeth get back together, but that means ending things with Hillary and Kyle. Taylor reacts to a shocking revealation, and Crash's return results in tragedy. Watch Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 11 at TV Fanatic to find out all the details.

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On Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 11, secrets revealed threaten the bonds of sisterhood while Carter must make a decision about her future.

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Finding Carter
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Finding Carter Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Taylor, my best friend was really hurting and she and I did something that we used to do whenever life got messed up, okay? It's a leftover from a long time ago when everything was different for the both of us. But you gotta believe me, hurting you was the last thing I ever wanted to do.


David: I texted back "Call me" and she texted back "O-M-G G-T-H."
Elizabeth: *confused look*
David: "Go to hell." I know. I wouldn't say it's so much of an age difference is the big problem, it's more like an entire cultural revolution.
Elizabeth: How did you even know what it was?
David: Looked it up.