Pulled Into a Debacle - Filthy Rich
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- Ginger and Franklin check Tina into rehab.

- Rose tells Margaret about the Saint Wagon video with Victor. When she sees that Victor is roping in Eric to endorse him for election, she decides that she needs that tape. She also uses it to warn Victor but Paul finds out that she doesn't have it.

- Mark's friends spot Eugene in a fur coat by the side of the road and pick him up hoping he can direct them to NOLA. They tell Eugene about Mark posing as Jason.

- Margaret approaches Ginger about the tape so she can use it to save Eric, but Ginger won't share it to protect her girls and her business. It's as a last resort.

- Ginger tells Luke about the tape and he tells her to hold onto it. He shows her his investigation board on the 18:20. He tells her they're responsible for Eugene's murder.

- Eric is upset to hear that Ginger was recording clients and calls her out on violating her supposed morals. Margaret still tries to get the video out of Ginger but she won't give it up and Paul overhears it and taunts Margaret about her lack of evidence.

- Margaret pays off Yopi to spill that she was in the vídeo. She gets Victor to back down and takes his place on the float.

- Ginger sees Eugene at Mardi gras but the 18:20 henchman kidnaps her at gunpoint and threatens her for the tape.

- She gives him the tapes. Or so he thinks. He ties her up and when Margaret comes looking for her, she sends her away. Later when Ginger gets free, Becky comes looking for Eric and bandages Ginger up. They share a moment.

Eric confronts Rachel but she tells him that she deleted all of his footage because he's the one. They have sex.

Mark and Rose pay off Mark's friends. Eugene steals the money from them and gives it to the real Jason he misses him on the forehead and Jason wakes up.

Filthy Rich
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Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Eugene's world ain't ours, Franklin.

Young Margaret

Tina: I've never gone a day without talking to you.
Ginger: Be strong for me, and I'll be strong for you.