An Explosive Secret - Filthy Rich
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  • Everyone plans for Rose's wedding to Mark. Margaret is still salty about it. 
  • Antonio and Mark have shares in the company and are now on the board. They celebrate their good fortune and Ginger reminds them that they wouldn't be there without all the women in their life who got them to this place. 
  • Ginger doesn't have any shares and isn't on the board and when Antonio proposes giving her some of his shares, Margaret tells him no. 
  • Eugene finds out that Rose is getting married and decides that he  needs to be there to make things right for hs girls. 
  • Tina also reminds him that Ginger hasn't gotten anything out of this like the others have. 
  • Eugene shows upat Franklin's home and wants help telling everyone he's alive. 
  • Eric goes to confess to the police and signs a confession. Luke comes out, alive, and he learns that he's FBI and wants him to wear a wire. 
  • Becky is still having a hard time with her brother's death.
  • Margaret gives Rose some information on Mark. It's the trusth about what happened to Jason. He's the one who ran him over the first time. She calsl off the wedding and says she needs time alone and tells him to not wait for her. 
  • Eric finds out that Ginger was the one who slept with Becky. 
  • Eugene shows up for Rose's wedding and stops Antonio and a drunk Eric from fithing. He then comforts Rose. 
  • Margaret is shocked to see him. She asks him about where he's been and he has no real answers. 
  • He gives Ginger his shares in the company and says that he's there for his daughter. Becky comes down the stairs with the baby. The baby is his  and everyone is shocked. 
  • Margaret realizes that Eugene always liked them young and that she was another victim of his. 
  • Franklin tells everyone to get out. 
  • Franklin and Margaret recall their years in that house. They burn it down. 
  • Eric agrees to wear a wire and take the 18:20 down. 
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Filthy Rich Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Nothing is going to ruin my daughter's perfect wedding day. Not even her groom.


Anne: Margaret what are you doing here?
Young Margaret: I guess I'm kinda sad. I'm the cook's daughter. I'll never have what those rich girls have.
Anne: Come with me... this was my dress when I first came out. Why should rich girls have all the fun?