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Olivia de Havilland is chatting about the feud during an interview. She believes Bette Davis is the best actress of all time. Feuds are about pain.

Joan is annoyed at the Golden Globes that Marilyn won over her. The next morning, Hedda Hopper arrives to get a quote. Word is she left drunk and in quite a state.

Hedda wants to hear a quote about today's it girl from yesterday's it girl.

The next day, Joan goes to her agent with her Oscar. She wants to work. The roles he offers are garbage. She sets out finding a role for herself, but it's not easy.

Bob's assistant, Pauline, thinks Whatever Happened to Baby Jane has teeth.

Joan has the costar she wants in mind and goes to see Bette in a play to proposition her.

Bette calls Bob. Why this picture? He admits he's not getting anything else.

All studios turn them down. The last choice is Jack Warner at Warner Brothers. He takes the credit for them. Who remembers Jack to this day?

While the studio put on a 'do to see the ladies sign their contracts, Joan noticed Bette's contract was for $600 more in expenses. She couldn't go into a union resenting her co-star when she's the one who started the party. When she was rebuffed by Bob, she demanded $1500 instead.

Joan Blondell takes her turn on the couch. Bette finally got a divorce from Gary Merrill just before filming started.

Joan and her husband are discussing Bette, again. All Joan wants is respect. She never got any respect from anybody in Hollywood, and even when she won her Oscar from Mildred Pierce, she got nothing from the women of Hollywood and wanted it.

On the first day of principal photography, Joan is riding around the house in a wheelchair trying to perfect it. Bette is scared shitless smoking a cigarette.

On the lot, Joan is giving out gifts. Mamacita helps her with names and faces. Her dressing room is small and dirty.

When Bette walks in, she sees the gifts and a Pepsi machine. She stops at Lucille's dressing room for a shot.

Bette has a moment and tells Joan she's very good and really needs her to be very good despite how much they dislike each other. Joan almost cries.

Joan shoots her first scene and is touched at the kudos she gets when it goes well.

At the dailies, Joan leaves thinking the lighting too harsh.

Bette sees her performance and cries.

The two of them are called to a dinner party at Hedda's house, unknowingly without anybody else. They were lured under false pretenses for a scoop.

She serves aspic, something substantial but transparent. Who gets top billing? Bette of course. Both roles are tremendously important, Bette says. When she found Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Joan sent it to Bob with a note that it was only for her and Bette. After all, Bette said, Joan was a big star when she arrived fresh off the boat.




FEUD: Bette and Joan
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FEUD: Bette and Joan Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Feuds are never about hate. Feuds are about pain. They're about pain.


You know, they only made one film together and how that happened, and what happened afterwards, well. Well, that was a story and a feud of biblical proportions.