"Liar's Poker"

On FBI Season 3 Episode 3, when the leader of a drug cartel is apprehended, FBI headquarters is put at risk when his henchmen threaten terrorism to free him.

"Unreasonable Doubt"

On FBI Season 3 Episode 2, the team races to stop an active serial killer after three women are found weighted down at the bottom of a lake.

"Never Trust a Strange"

On FBI Season 3 Episode 1, the team searches for killers who orchestrated a mass shooting, and OA's connection with the case threatens to cloud his judgment.

Joining the Team - FBI
"Emotional Rescue"

On FBI Season 2 Episode19, the team investigates a drug deal gone bad when a body of a college student is found and Det. Hailey Upton temporarily joins the team.

Missing Students  - FBI
"American Dreams"

On FBI Season 2 Episode 18, Jess LaCroix helps OA find a fugitive LaCroix arrested years ago after a bus with 26 students goes missing and he's the main suspect.

An Important Decision - FBI
"Broken Promises"

On FBI Season 2 Episode 17, the team works to uncover a common thread between two murders before more bodies pile up and Maggie makes an important decision.

A Near Impenetrable Room - FBI
"Safe Room"

On FBI Season 2 Episode 16, a billionaire's daughter is held hostage in a near-impenetrable safe room until the abductor's own missing child is returned to him.

Hijacking Weapons - FBI

On FBI Season 2 Episode 15, when a truck filled with armor-piercing rifles is hijacked, the team must discover who stole it and their plan for the weapons.

Random Victims - FBI
"Studio Gangster"

On FBI Season 2 Episode 14, a U.S. attorney is dead steps away from the body of a private escort and the team must piece together what connected the two victims.

Kidnapped - FBI

On FBI Season 2 Episode 13, the son of a well-known retired FBI agent is taken just blocks from their home in what appears to be a revenge kidnapping.

FBI Quotes

Maggie: I never saw Emmett Grant, but I can't get him out of my head
OA: A lot of people made it out of that building because of you. That matters.

OA: I haven't seen grenades like these since West Point.
Maggie: These are U.S. Army?
OA: Not anymore. They got way more high tech stuff now.