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Gloria goes through Ennis' recovered possessions, looking at the series of sci-fi novels by a writer named Thaddeus Mobley that were in his box. Also in the box is a newspaper clipping about the author winning an award. Her deputy Donny shows up and they go to meet with the new police chief to see if Gloria still has a job now that their department is being absorbed.

Emmit and Sy visit their lawyer Irv and tell them the situation with VM Varga. Irv is very critical of the fact that they borrowed money from someone without knowing much about him and says they'll go to jail. Emmit demands that Irv track down VM Varga so they can force him to take his money back. Irv googles VM Varga (struggling to do so and having some help from his assistant) and is taken to a weird link to "download information. When he clicks it, his computer shuts down. The other office computers also go out.

Driving back from Irv's, Emmit wonders whether he should just give Ray the stamp. Sy tells him he doesn't owe Ray anything and that Ray is jealous and just wants Emmit's life.

VM Varga arrives with a truck at the Stussy Oakbridge parking lot. He faces resistance from the security guard, who says he can't park the truck there. 

Emmit reads about Ennis' death in the paper. Sy breaks the news that Varga parked a truck against regulation in their parking lot. Emmit worries about what could be in the truck and suggests going down there to check. Sy suggests against it, saying they should have plausible deniability. 

Gloria and Donny meet with the new chief, who criticizes the way Gloria runs the station, without any computers or technology, and how it's not even properly set up to function as a jail. She leaves to go interview a witness who may have seen the person who murdered her stepfather, but not before the new chief criticizes her "mouthing off" to him and instructs her to take a few days off to grieve.

Gloria interviews the convenience store owner who Maurice stole the sheet from the phone book from. Gloria realizes Maurice was looking for Ennis' address and takes it in as evidence.

As the parole office, Ray uses his boss' computer to look up death records and sees that Maurice's death was listed as accidental. Ray's boss makes crude comments about Nikki, not knowing Ray is dating her. Ray tells his boss that he thinks Maurice went AWOL, in order to cover his tracks, and his boss instructs him to file a BOLO.

Ray reports back to Nikki that everything is on track, but he is still nervous and feels guilty. Nikki tells him that his chi is blocked and instructs him not to worry about the cover-up. She is more focused on landing a sponsor for their bridge tournament, in order to win big. She tells Ray that they need to either get the stamp from Emmit or make peace with him

Ray visits Emmit's house at night and they go to talk outside. While Ray is distracting Emmit, pretending to want to make peace, Nikki sneaks into the house to steal the stamp. In its place, she finds a donkey picture. Emmit tells Ray that he doesn't owe him anything, and they shake hands as Ray departs, while Nikki is still breaking into Emmit's desk in the house. She finds a safe deposit box receipt, writes "Who's the ass now?" on the donkey picture and leaves her bloody tampon in his desk drawer for him to find.

Varga's men corner Irv in the parking lot and toss him off the ledge, killing him.

In the car leaving Emmit's, Nikki rendezvous' with Ray. Ray legitimately feels better having made peace with Emmit, but Nikki riles him up again by telling him that Emmit hid the stamp and put a donkey picture in its place.

Back at Emmit's house, Sy and Emmit discuss the break-in, knowing now that Ray was distracting Emmit while Nikki broke in. Sy promises Emmit that he'll take care of it and Ray will know that he's dead to them now. Emmit gets a call from Irv's assistant, telling him that Irv killed himself.

Gloria and Nathan meet with the funeral director about Ennis' arrangements. The funeral director says that Ennis was a horrible man. Gloria explains that he was only married to her mother for four years from the time she was 6, but that she thought Nathan should have the influence of a male elder in his life. Gloria asks if the funeral director has heard of Thaddeus Mobley, believing that Ennis may have been the sci-fi author before coming to Minnesota and changing his name. The funeral director doesn't recognize it.

Sy finds Ray at a coffee shop, telling him that he and Emmit will never speak again. Ray tells him to stop being dramatic, but Sy sticks to his guns. Sy lays out a $20, saying that's the last money he'll ever see from Emmit. On the way out, Sy repeatedly runs into Ray's Corvette, totaling it, but he also hits another woman's car on the way out accidentally.

VM Varga and his men visit Emmit's office, wanting to show "the boys" their new office. Men move a ton of files into the new wing of Emmit's company office. Sy tries to keep a brave face on in front of the staff, pretending everything is normal and that Varga and his men were expected.

VM Varga tells that they're partners now, whether they like it or not. Varga explains that he likes the parking lot business because it runs on cash and is hard to track (and thus, easy to use to launder money through). When Sy explains that their lots show a steady, predictable income, Varga suggests they just buy more property. He tells them that when this is over, they'll be millionaires (on paper).

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Fargo Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Gloria: I'm here, right? You see me?
Donny: Is that a trick question?

Gloria: They glued his nose and mouth shut. Are we thinking cause of death is somehow a cliffhanger?
Donny: Guess not.