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Family Guy goes back to its roots with Stewie and his evil genius ways.  When Stewie and Brian messes around with Stewie's time-machine, they accidentally remove themselves from the universe and get trapped in a space-time continuum. 

During their adventures, they encounter Bertram, Stewie's evil brother, find out that Stewie caused the Big Bang, therefore creating the entire world, and that Leonardo da Vinci is actually Stewie's ancestor.

When Bertram kills da Vinci, Stewie figures out that he is in fact his own "creator" and Brian unearths Stewie from a cryogenic tube underneath the Griffin house. 

Family Guy
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Family Guy Season 9 Episode 16 Quotes

Stewie: Well, I'm off to the farmer's market. I've got to pick up some plutonium for a return pad, in case I decide to make another universe later.
Brian: Plutonium? At the farmer's market?
Stewie: Yep, I'm only using organic plutonium now. Think locally; buy organically.
Stewie: Hey slut, get me out of this.

Huh, that's weird. Black guys usually don't promote themselves.