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When Stewie hears Miley Cyrus (voiced by Candace Marie) is coming to concert but all tickets are sold out, he cries until Brian agrees to help him get in.  They break into the concert and just as they're caught, Brian tells Miley that Stewie has cancer.  The star soon takes the two along with her as friends and she even sings a duet with Stewie.  Eventually the pair discover that Miley is actually an android created by the Disney corporation and when Stewie attempts to program her to have sex with Brian she ends up going crazy and destroying the town.

Meanwhile, Chris attempts to prove to the family that the monkey in his closet is real and eventually knocks it out, ties him up, and brings him downstairs.  Once untied the monkey pleads his case and he turns out to be a really nice guy.  When Chris and the monkey begin to bond as father and son, Peter gets jealous and him and Chris have a bitter rivalry.  In order to make things better, Brian calls up Quagmire, busts out the old bi-plane, and takes down Miley from atop the empire state building in a King Kong moment.

At the end, the monkey moves out :(

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Family Guy Season 8 Episode 5 Quotes

Chris: That's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me. Thanks evil mon.... thanks monkey
Monkey: I'd get up to hug you but sitting down is the only thing keeping the poop in

Brian: This is my friend Stewie. He's just a baby and he's your biggest fan. And he has cancer
Miley Cyrus: Oh my god, really?
Brian: Yeah he has a tumor in his head the size of a football
Miley Cyrus: Yeah I think I can see it