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When Chris is approached to join the military, Brian goes to the recruitment office to argue them.  While there, Stewie signs the two up for service, and after boot camp, they find themselves in Iraq.  The duo does whatever it takes to get discharged.  Meanwhile, Chris joins a goth band.

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Family Guy Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

(Gregory Peck and his kids are riding in the car, his kids look and talk exactly like him)
Son #1: Are we there yet?
Son #2: It's crowded back here!
Son #3: Stop touching me!
Son #2: Your leg is rubbing up against mine!
Gregory Peck: Hey! Quiet down or I'm pulling over.
Son #1: Stop breathing on the window!
Son #2: You idiot! That's condensation, it's on the outside.
Gregory Peck: That's it! I will come back there and so help me god, I will hit you with my ring-hand.

(playing piano and singing) I am Peter Griffin, I like fancy food, I like reading comic books and dressing like a dude! (throws piano) Oh yeah! Rock 'n' roll!