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Falling Skies Season 3


On the season 3 finale of Falling Skies, the remaining survivors fate is in question when another interstellar visitor arrives.

"Journey to Xibalba"

The mole's identity is finally uncovered while information comes to light about the alien operation and an explosion changes plans for Charleston on Falling Skies.

"Strange Brew"

Weaver and Pope argue over how to deal with the mole while Tom makes his way back to Charleston on Falling Skies.

"The Pickett Line"

The Masons encounter trouble on the road this week, while doubts continue to plague the building of that alien weapon.

"Be Silent and Come Out"

When a group heads out on a mission, a change in leadership must occur and Lourdes begins work on a dangerous medical procedure on Falling Skies.

"Search and Recover"

Tom and Pope must rely on one another to survive when a mission takes a turn for the worse on Falling Skies.

"At All Costs"

When specialized weapons helps the residents of Charleston ward off another alien attack, Tom is invited to meet with a powerful leader on Falling Skies.


As the two year anniversary of the alien invasion nears, the residents of Charleston prepare for an offensive while Anne worries about her baby on Falling Skies.

"Collateral Damage"

On the conclusion of the Falling Skies season premiere, a nuclear specialist has a plan to destroy the aliens while tensions mount over finding the mole.

"On Thin Ice"

On the first part of the Falling Skies season 3 premiere, seven months after they've arrived in Charleston, Tom and Anne prepare for the birth of their baby while Tom deals with having been elected to public office.

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