Fairly Legal Season 2


On the Fairly Legal season two finale, Kate stumbles over a controversy surrounding D.A. Davidson when she researches the firing of a lesbian couple. Kate has to choose between Ben and Justin.

"Force Majeure"

On Fairly Legal, Justin's campaign may be in trouble after he introduces Kate to a Brazilian activist. Lauren falls for a businessman who may be hiding something.


On Fairly Legal, a trip to Lake Tahoe to solve a mediation plunges Kate and Ben into the middle of an unsolved murder and forces them to face their unresolved feelings. The D.A. hands Justin a case he thinks he can't win.


On Fairly Legal, Kate and Ben go up against D.A. Davidson when they try to save a woman on the run.

"Kiss Me Kate"

On Fairly Legal, Kate helps Judge Nicastro with a union contract dispute. Lauren suffers a bizarre set of circumstances after she buys a painting.

"Ripple of Hope"

On Fairly Legal, Kate and Ben's negotiation at a women's prison take a surprising turn while Leo tries to convince Lauren to take a case.

"Teenage Wasteland"

When Kate can't separate her feelings about her former high school from her current mediation, the consequences affect everyone. Justin and Ben have a strange situation with a judge on Fairly Legal.

"What They Seem"

Kate and Ben defend the victim of an alleged police brutality against Justin and the police department while Lauren defends herself against a violation on Fairly Legal.

"Gimme Shelter"

On Fairly Legal, can Kate help a client who can't pay his mortgage because of a drug dealing tenant? Ben takes an interest in the case when he finds out a rival attorney is involved.

"Shine a Light"

Kate's mediation case turns criminal when a whistle blower gets caught with the evidence on the latest Fairly Legal.

"Bait & Switch"

Kate mediates a dispute between a fishing boat captain and his injured son while Judge Nicastro encourages Lauren to move on with her life on the latest Fairly Legal.

"Start Me Up"

Despite their rocky relationship, Justin asks Kate to negotiate a deal involving the FBI and an organ transplant candidate while Lauren and Ben butt heads over opposing clients on the latest Fairly Legal.


As Reed & Reed struggles to survive, Kate teams up with a new attorney and gets some shocking news from her almost ex, Justin on the season 2 premiere of Fairly Legal.

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