Fairly Legal Season 1


It's an emotional hectic day as Kate prevents an international incident and tries to mediate between two brothers in order to avoid going to jail.

"My Best Friend's Prenup"

Kate's BFF asks for help with a basic prenuptial agreement this week. But the pal's father has a few suspicions about the marriage.


Kate represents the lead singer of a former band this week. He asks for her help when a company asks to use his song for a commercial.

"Coming Home"

A major client of Reed & Reed's asks Kate to mediate what appears to be a simple financial matter... but it then evolves into an issue of identity theft. Uh-oh.


A young, fired inventor hires Kate on this episode. He threatens to kill himself and steal the device he created.

"The Two Richards"

A man slammed by a truck seeks a settlement from an insurance company on this episode. The victim's wife, meanwhile, has her own grievance.

"Bo Me Once"

Kate discovers something interesting about a famous chef on this week's episode. She is sent in to mediate a situation that involves guest star Eddie McClintock.


This is the third episode of Fairly Legal. On it, Kate is assigned to the case of a high school football coach against angry parents.


Paul Schulze guest stars this week as a falsely convicted man. Kate oversees a case between him and the state.


On the premiere of Fairly Legal, we meet Kate Reed. She quits her job as a lawyer to become a mediator.

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