The Presence of Death - EVIL
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Acosta is taken to the hospital and treated for his injuries. 

He encounters a patient named Harlan who tells him about Nurse Linda Bloch. Harlan says Bloch, who he calls Nurse Plague, likes to overmedicate her patients and collect their hospital wristbands after she kills them.

Despite Acosta's best attempts, Bloch continues to drug him and prevent him from having visitors.

While hallucinating, Acosta talks with Grace and sees Bloch suffocating Harlan and then monsters wheeling him away.

Acosta is finally able to call Kristen for help. She comes to his rescue and is able to get him the help he needs.

The police discover a man named Richard Ghana, a coder whose roommate believed he was possessed, stabbed Acosta. 

Kristen and Ben enlist the help of Judy, the psychologist who worked with team before Kristen, in tracking down Ghana.

The trio visit Ghana's old roommate, who tells them Ghana has a drug problem and goes by the avatar Rose390 on the virtual reality game The Haunted Girl. Earlier in the season, Kristen's daughters played the same game and encountered Rose390.

Ben creates his own avatar, pretending to be one of Kristen's daughters, in an attempt to locate Ghana, or Rose390, in the real world.

With the help of Judy, Ben is able to track Ghana down and the police arrest him.

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