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Kristen is called to testify when Townsend assists convicted serial killer Orson Leroux in attempting to have his conviction overturned. 

While things go poorly, Kristen lets Townsend know she knows who he really is: a former insurance agent named Jake Perry, also known as "Jake The Flake" who moved to New York and reinvented himself after his second divorce.

Afterward, Ben comes to tell Kristen her daughter Laura has been taken to the hospital for emergency heart surgery.

Laura is fine after the surgery, and the doctor tells Kristen and Andy her heart valve has healed on its own.

Andy, a now practicing Buddhist, later tells Kristen he prayed for Laura to be healed in exchange for his life. 

Elsewhere, Acosta tries to help Sonia, a woman in need of spiritual advice, but he ends up being tied up in the basement with a comedian.

Sonia reveals the comedian made inappropriate jokes about the Hutus over the radio, which she believes contributed to the atrocities committed by the Tutsis against the Hutus.

Though Sonia forgives the comedian for his role, she ends up killing him, believing she is getting just for her people.

Lastly, the episode ends with Townsend having a therapy session with the actual Devil.


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EVIL Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Kristen: So you’re a Buddhist now?
Andy: No, no, I’m just, uh, I don’t know, um, exploring. But don’t worry; I’m still me.
Kristen: No, I know you’re still you. I just, I mean I find it weird that you’re criticizing the Catholic stuff in my job while …
Andy: Oh, no. Buddhism’s not a religion. It’s a practice.

Acosta: Sonia, don’t. Look at me. you said you felt this thing, this evil oppressing you. Killing him is evil.
Sonia: He broadcast for the next hundred days.
Comedian: Wasn’t me.
Sonia: He encouraged the Hutus to take to the streets, to breaking into homes, churches, raping Tutsi women, hacking innocent people with machetes exactly like this.
Comedian: I did not. I did not I swear. I’m just a comedian.
Sonia: Two million Tutsis murdered, hacked to death by their neighbors. Two million.