Eureka Season 5

"Just Another Day"

On the Eureka series finale, the Department of Defense plans to shut down the town when it becomes surrounded by mysterious wormholes.

"Double Take"

On Eureka, the Smart Dust control unit malfunctions causing the entire town's communication systems to break down.

"Mirror, Mirror"

On Eureka, Carter searches for the person responsible for sabotaging an experiment that has cuts Eureka off from the outside world and threatens to eradicate the town.

"The Honeymooners"

On Eureka, when someone tries to sabotage Eureka, it impacts Carter and Allison's honeymoon.

"Smarter Carter"

On Eureka, under the influence of a smart drug, Carter's intelligence grows but will his actions put the entire town in danger?

"In Too Deep"

On Eureka, Carter and Allison's romantic outing is interrupted by an incident with a submarine. Jo must weed out the pranks at Global Dynamics.


On Eureka, Carter may be connected to the paranormal activity at Global Dynamics. Fargo believes that Holly may be in the virtual Eureka but a security program hampers his efforts to retrieve her consciousness.

"Worst Case Scenario"

On Eureka, when Global Dynamics disaster preparedness drill goes horribly wrong, the whole town is in danger.

"Jack of All Trades"

On Eureka, Carter's behavior becomes odd when psychological assessor Warren Hughes returns.

"Friendly Fire"

On Eureka a project puts the town in jeopardy of igniting.

"Force Quit"

When Beverly Barlowe seeks out Carter for help, the rescue plan sends Carter to the virtual world on Eureka.

"The Real Thing"

Holly comes up with a dangerous theory on the latest episode of Eureka.


The Astraeus crew returns to Eureka four years later on the season five premiere, and they must adapt to some major changes all around them.

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