Eureka Season 4

"Do You See What I See"

Eureka airs a special holiday episode this week. A VERY special, unusual holiday episode, that is.

"One Giant Leap"

It's time to launch! Read on for a review of the season 4.5 finale of Eureka.

"One Small Step"

There's a malfunction in the Astraeus loading area this week. Andy is in serious trouble as a result.

"This One Time at Space Camp..."

The Astraeus candidates are evaluated by Senator Wen this week. Elsewhere, we're witness to a series of bizarre attack around town.

"Clash of the Titans"

An auditor arrives in Eureka this week. His job? To assess Jack and Allison's romance.

"Of Mites and Men"

Ming Ga guest stars as Senator Wen on this episode of Eureka. It focuses on something that's literally eating through Global Dynamics.

"Omega Girls"

Ming Na guest stars on this episode of Eureka. It features Jo and Zoe returning to find the town in a bad spot.

"Up in the Air"

The town runs into a problem when the entire bank is stolen. Read on for a full recap.


Carter and Lupo test a new crime fighting prediction tool that predicts the destruction of Eureka.


Felicia Day debuts on this episode of Eureka. Elsewhere, Carter must deal with Allison's kids when she leaves town.


What could a town of geniuses not see coming? That's the question on this season premiere of Eureka.

"O Little Town"

Carter has trouble getting into the holiday spirit this week, especially due to a force field surrounding the town. Elsewhere, Fargo organizes the GD Christmas party.

"I'll Be Seeing You"

Grant and Carter become stranded on this week's mid-season finale. As a result, they must race back in time to save Eureka.

"The Ex-Files"

Individuals from the past come back to haunt the lives of Carter and the gang on this week's episode. Aptly, the hour is titled "The Ex-Files."


As always, we've recapped this episode of Eureka in fun detail. The installment is titled "Stoned."


Carter goes camping with Kevin, and Henry this week and wants to come clean with Grace. As this is taking place, a strange relationship threatens Eureka.

"Crossing Over"

Claudia Donovan visits Eureka this week. Her goal? To see whether or not Fargo's promises of wondrous devices are true. We've got a full recap.

"The Story of O2"

Jamie Kennedy guest stars on this episode of Eureka. He plays a character named Dr. Ramsey and he interacts with Dr. Grant.

"All the Rage"

Dr. Isaac Parrish is the focus of this week's Eureka episode. He infects everyone with a major fury and endangers various characters, especially Fargo.

"A New World"

The Founder's Day festivities continue this week. As they do, Carter and everyone else must accustom themselves to the new time line and how Dr. Grant fits into it.

"Fourth Season Premiere"

Welcome to the fourth season of Eureka. James Callis debuts on this episode, a recap of which follows. Read on and enjoy!

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