Rue's Past - Euphoria
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Rue turns to Fezco for more drugs after a rough first day back at school, but she finds herself in a harrowing situation. 

Fezco's dealer shows up and tries to give her harder drugs than she's used to, so she ultimately agrees. 

The man takes her pants off, and says she owes him money. He ultimately leaves, and Fez turns to Jules to help her out. 

Jules is messaging a new guy, and it later turns out to be Nate, the son of the man who she had sex with at the motel. 

Nate gets revenge on Tyler by beating him up, saying he raped Maddy, and then impersonating him online. 

Kat is shocked to learn one of the twins uploaded the sex tape to the internet, and forces them to remove it. 

When it is removed, more pop up in its place, with one saying that they want more of them. 

Kat sets up an account to create more videos and to earn some money. 

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Euphoria Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Principal: I heard a very disturbing rumor.
Kat: Is this about that video of that girl?

Didn't you just get out of rehab? Should I be concerned?