Entourage Season 8

"The End"

It's the series finale of Entourage. On this episode, the boys do all they can to convince Sloan to give Eric another shot.

"Second to Last"

Vince keeps trying to woo Sophia this week, while Turtle makes a new business pitch. Read on for a rundown of "Second to Last"

"The Big Bang"

Ari is unnerved by Johnny Galecki this week. He also receives unpleasant news from his divorce attorney.


Drama comes up with a plan this week to get Dice back. Elsewhere, Vince goes for a bit of damage control via a Vanity Fair interview. Ari learns the fate of his relationships.

"Whiz Kid"

It's damage control time for Shauna. She has to protect Vince after the events from last week's episode.

"One Last Shot"

Kim Coates guest stars on Entourage this week. He plays an old producing friend of Vince's.

"Out With a Bang"

Ari hears disturbing news about Mrs. Ari this week. Elsewhere, Eric plays phone tag with Sloan.

"Home Sweet Home"

Scott and Eric attempt to sign Johnny Galecki to their agency this week. Also, Vince wants a new movie.

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