"Berried Alive"

Lloyd and Ari fight to keep drama as a client; E breaks up with Ashley; Jamie Lynn gets jealous of Turtle

"Security Briefs"

Vince and the boys get fed up with their security team and Drama goes rogue; Lloyd gets fed up with Ari's hazing.

"The Sorkin Notes"

Aaron Sorkin has a cameo on this episode of Entourage. Aptly, it's titled "The Sorkin Notes."

"No More Drama"

There's a break-in during this episode of Entourage. The installment is titled "No More Drama."

"Murphy's Lie"

Eric has a lot of explaining to do in this episode of Entourage. It's titled "Murphy's Lie."


Tom Brady guest stars on this episode of Entourage. We've got a full recap of events.

"Running on E"

Vince goes on hiatus; E quits the Murphy group; Ari still has to deal with Andrew and Lizzie; and Drama gets a love interest... on his show.

"One Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car"

It's Turtle's 30th birthday and everyone wants to buy him a car; Eric is nervous about Charlie's pilot.

"Amongst Friends"

Eric and Sloan grow closer on this episode of Entourage. It's the second installment of the show's sixth season.


Vince learns to drive for a new movie while preparing for an appearance on Jay Leno; Eric and Sloan are talking again and she convinces him to move out of the house; Lloyd gives Ari an ultimatum

Entourage Quotes

Baby, the kid is melting down like Phil Mickelson at Winged Foot. I can't abandon a brother in peril, not on the high holidays


Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Entourage Music

  Song Artist
Song Lemon And Lime Daniel Lenz
Soul of a man Soul Of A Man Beck iTunes
Song Shutterbugg Big Boi iTunes