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Andre prepares to kill himself. 

He turns to Lucious, and says he will spend one last day with the family. 

He goes to a roller disco with Cookie, and the pair bond a lot. Andre admits that he understands why Cookie left the family for 17 years now. 

Cookie starts to wonder, but she plays it off. 

Teri goes to the hospital to make sure she is able to carry a child to term. When she finds out she can, she says she will tell Andre the next day. 

However, things took a turn when Cookie returned home to find the suicide notes. She rushes to the suite, and catches Lucious helping Andre die. 

They bicker, but Andre seemingly dies in the background. 

Elsewhere, Kelly tried to get close to Giselle to tell her it was time to think about their future, but Giselle shut him down. 

Cookie was hauled into the FBI for questioning, and found herself telling Damon that the FBI had it out for him and that he should probably run. 

Lucious was involved in a car accident and had visions of people he killed. 

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Empire Season 5 Episode 17 Quotes

This is the best way. I want to die on my terms.


Cookie: Can I call you Cookie?
Conway: Can I call you Bitch?