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The media got wind of Lucious losing his memory and the board members stepped in. In order to keep things on good terms, Cookie allowed the media to follow Lucious for 48 hours.

However, she bit off more than she could chew and had to make him do everything she said. He disappeared but returned with Eddie who helped them through it. 

Lucious remembered who he was thanks to the music, and he ultimately slept with Claudia. She thought he was in love with her, but the very next morning, he woke up to say that he loves Cookie. 

Cookie gladly sent Claudia packing, and declared that he was back. 

Cookie got Eddie to help out at Empire to help the board members agree to the fact that Lucious would be fine. 

Meanwhile, Pamela played Andre into thinking that Shine spoke to the FBI about him, but he was shocked to learn this was not the case. 

Hakeem tried to flee New York with Bella, but Cookie managed to talk him around after being tipped off by Tiana. 

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Empire Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Becky: You go by Dwight now?
Cookie: Shut up, child.

I don't love you, I love Cookie.