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The episode picks up with a hitman coming after Benny and April. 

Unfortunately, April doesn't make it, but Benny survives the attack and runs to Jo's house.

His injured state alarms the family, but Jo plays it cool and calls Abby to come to take a look at him. 

Benny is shaken up by what's happened and warns Jo to walk away and leave this alone before she gets seriously hurt. 

Jo assures him that Kindred isn't going to let this go and believes that since they've got a license plate connecting the car to Kindred that it's enough to get him arrested. 

So, she puts on her brave face and goes to do just that. 

Kindred is amused by Jo's bravery and tells her that she's in over her head. 

And once she gets back to the precinct, she learns that Kindred made good on his promise of getting out of it. 

His people somehow changed the records to say that the car was reported stolen a few days before the accident.

As Kindred leaves the police station, he warns Jo that since she's crossed paths with him, everyone involved with her will now pay the price. 

The first person to suffer at the hands of Kindred is Alex, who finds out he's been let go from his job after Augur Industries purchased his company. 

Jo confesses that Alex lost his job because of her, but Alex amps her up to destroy this guy. 

Jo brings back Emily, the woman who used to work for Kindred and asks her to hack into any of his computer systems to get something that could convince the DA to get a warrant. 

Emily successful finds the will of Alan Wilkis, the co-founder of Augur, who was murdered so that Kindred could get his shares. 

This aligns with the address Benny and Jo find at the hitman's house after stupidly pursuing him and letting him get away. 

The address is where Wilkis' widow currently lives. But what does she know?

Piper's visions begin manifesting a doorway. She eventually walks up the stairs and through the door to find Kindred sitting on the other side. 

He says he's arranged this space for them to talk privately and makes it seem like he has big plans for her. 

Unfortunately, once Piper "leaves" the room, she forgets all about the chat. 

Ed tries to cover up the fact that his cancer returned by telling Jo he's thinking about getting a job at a hardware store. 

Piper "sees" that he's still ill and calls him out on it. 

He tries to change the topic and offers to take the girls out for ice cream, but on their way, he loses control of the car and passes out. 

Piper sees that they're about to drive into oncoming traffic and uses her powers to lift the truck and push it out of the way. 

Mia is stunned and later confronts Piper in the hospital asking her if she has superpowers. 

Ed comes clean about his cancer's return to Jo and informs her that he doesn't want to fight it this time since it's more aggressive. 

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Emergence Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Abby: Jo, you know I am legally obligated to report gunshot wounds to the authorities.
Jo: Great news. I am the authorities.

Benny: Look at what he's willing to do. It's not worth it. Walk away.
Jo: No. Even if we stop, he won't. The only way this ends is if we bring him down.