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Sherlock meets with Assistant FBI Director George Egan. Sherlock knows that Morland once bribed Egan to look the other way on a real-estate deal. He demands that Egan clear himself and Joan of any charges related to Michael's murder. A priceless scuplture has fallen on and killed Virgil Gwinn, the manager of an upscale storage facility known as a foreign-trade zone. The facility's security system was down at the time of the murder. Sherlock determines Gwinn was murdered elsewhere. The surveillance footage enables Sherlock to figure out there had been a string of break-ins at the facility. Sherlock tells Joan about his deal with Egan. Edward Cutler's unit shows evidence of a break-in but nothing is missing. Marcus knows Sherlock is there. Sherlock's theory is that Gwinn was finding out his clients' secrets and blackmailing them. Capt. Dwyer is filling in for Gregson. Sherlock suspects Aura Swenson, whose father imported looted antiquities. Marcus and Joan question her appraiser, Sebastian Florenti, who said there were looted pieces in the collection. Swenson's lawyer grants full access to her unit. Swenson made a deal with the Ethiopian government trading construction by her family's company in exchange for the antiquities going into a proposed museum. Ethiopia pulls out of the peace deal with Eritrea. Joan finds evidence that Gwinn may have discovered there is oil in the disputed region between the two countries. The Ethiopian counsel admitsd to knowing about the oil but denies any connection to Gwinn's murder. Morland suggested that Eritrea also benefitted from the peace deal breaking down, and its leaders had hired a hitman to kill Gwinn after Florenti told them what Gwinn knew. Sherlock fakes an attack by the assassin to get Florenti to confess. Egan pinned the blame for Michael's murder on an inmate who then hung himself.

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Elementary Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Egan: You do know that you'd be exposing your father to criminal charges as well?
Sherlock: He can take it. Can you?

Egan: Confessed killers usually don't get to command a meeting with the head of the New York field office.
Sherlock: And yet you came.