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Marcus can't get into a required class that he needs for his master's program. Sherlock calls Joan and Marcus to an unusual murder scene which sparked his interest. The dead man, Bruce Garrimore, had a sex robot which may have recorded the murder. He worked at Perfect Mates Robotics. They interview Skyler, Bruce's robot. Sherlock wonders if Skyler was based on a real woman. Nina Hudgins was the woman after whom Bruce modeled Skyler. Nina is suing to get the Skyler robot recalled. Marcus visits Professor Baynes, who rejected him from the class. Evan Kowalski tells Sherlock and Joan about the top-secret teleportation project that Garrimore was interested in. Garrimore stole the plans that had been leaked to Kowalski. Baynes resented Sherlock's past actions and is taking that out on Marcus. The teleportation device is an organic-to-digital data transmitter. Dr. Fukata, the project chief, is missing, and Sherlock thinks the U.S. military has him. Gregson calls in General Alvaro. They want him to get Fukata brought in for questioning. Sherlock goes to apologize to Baynes in hopes of helping Marcus. Sherlock solved a murder of an MP before Baynes, and he is still holding a grudge. Fukata says someone set him up, and he suspects it may be one of his grad students getting back at him for stealing their work. Sherlock has taken custody of Skyler, so he can plumb her memories. There is an odd song in Skyler's memory, entered about the time Garrimore was killed. The three grad students are brought in for questioning. Sherlock called Gwen Haeny's cell phone, which plays the song that Skyler recorded. Sherlock offers Baynes a contact for a security job if he resigns from the college. Marcus is let into the class he needs. 

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Elementary Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

You're clearly doing God's work.

Sherlock [to Lubbock]

I gotta say I'm used to being the one doing the calling. That way, I get there faster.

Marcus [to Joan]