On Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17, Fallon and Liam are forced to work together, Kirby explores her feelings for Culhane, and Blake teams up with Adam.

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On Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17, Fallon's latest venture causes some tension between her and Liam. Kirby and Culhane take the next step in their relationship while Colby faces off against Blake and Adam. Can he bring them down?

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Fallon's acquisition of a new publishing company brings an unexpected person from her past into the fold, forcing her to deal with the emotional and financial ramifications; Blake is suspicious when a disgruntled Jeff shows up.

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Okay, I am doing something with my life. And I assure you, I don't want Liam Ridley or John Southside to have any part in it. Nice porn name, by the way.


Fallon: I am not working with Liam, Kirby. You were in Sun Valley.
Kirby: Where you made a mockery of your dignity, self-esteem, and feminism in general? Yes, I was there.