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Both Blake and Cristal feel guilty about cheating. 

Cristal realizes she doesn't want to lie to Blake anymore and informs Father Collins, the priest she kissed, that she's going to come clean. She also tells him he shouldn't attend the gala. 

Meanwhile, Blake attempts to ease his guilt by buying Cristal an expensive piece of jewelry, which Fallon immediately recognizes as an apology for "daddy doing something bad."

Cristal confronts Blake, who gets very angry and assures her he was in meetings with the Van Kirk lawyers to get Carrington Atlantic back. 

Cristal begins snooping around and finds a pendant. Blake's heart rate monitor confirms that Blake had sex by showing a spike at the time of "negotiations."

Blake is furious when he finds out Laura V. Kirk played him by selling him a company whose oil was held hostage in Moldovia. 

He plans a trip to go save his company and leaves the hospital gala that Cristal is throwing. 

She questions if the company is more important than their marriage, and Blake tells her it's his legacy. 

She feels terrible about herself, but Father Collins swoops in for the final dance of the evening. 

They can't stay away from each other and end up having sex by the fireplace. 

They feel guilt, but Father Collins explains "they're only human."

Shortly after, Adam rushes into the Manor to tell Cristal that Blake and Anders have been kidnapped upon arrival in Moldovia. 

Fallon attempts to convince a group to play her wedding. When their manager informs her that they only do charitable performances, Fallon pretends to be part of their sorority and claims she founded the veteran's charity at the hospital. 

Her plans unravel when she doesn't know how to do the sorority handshake and doesn't know the song. 

She admits she lied, which upsets the duo. 

When one of them gets sick and cannot perform at the gala, Fallon fills in for her. 

They offer to sing at her wedding, but she realizes they aren't even the right band.

Culhane helps her realizes that a meaningful gift for Liam would be a song written and performed for him at the wedding. 

In return, Fallon promises to help him get revenge on Vanessa and Dominique for using him for their reality TV show. 

Since Kirby is mad at Sammy, he befriends Colby, who runs into an old love interest, Mia. 

The two hit it off but Sammy keeps third-wheeling and slips up about Colby's marriage. 

Colby later confesses that now that he has a second chance at life, he doesn't want to be married to Alexis. 

Adam is attempting to be a better version of himself after surviving liver surgery. 

He gets caught by a superior, Dr. Bailey, for stealing supplies and medicine from the hospital. 

She offers to look the other way, but her idea of punishment is sleeping with Adam, which he's no longer comfortable with. 

Kirby takes matters into her own hands and threatens to expose Cristal's adultery if she doesn't talk to Dr. Bailey and clear Adam's name. 

Sammy comes to apologize to Kirby admitting he hasn't been a great friend. 

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Dynasty Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

That's the nice part about being married. You have a plus-one built right in.


Cristal: Maybe it's the Catholic in me, but how can one kiss make me feel so guilty?
Father Connell: Because we both know that it felt like more.