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Thanksgiving at the Carrington Manor is always an explosive occasion.

After Fallon found out Michael never told his mother they were engaged, she took matters into her own hands and told Luella. 

Luella wasn't pleased with the news given her disdain for Fallon and the rest of the family. 

Fallon decided that she was going to make this dinner about uniting their families and impressing her future mother-in-law so she invited Luella's whole church family over for Thanksgiving dinner.

Before the dinner, she went to the former CA where she had another intense exchange with Liam. 

He assured her that she still had feelings for him and told her to go the weekend without thinking of him or the kiss they shared at the divorce party. 

If she couldn't stop thinking about him, he expected to see her at the airport before he embarked on his four-week trip around the world. 

With a severe storm warning underway, only one bus of guests made it in time for the dinner.

Fallon was on her best behavior despite the storm scaries and pill-popping but nothing she did could win over Luella. 

Blake's attempts at getting away with his new bae replacement Cristal were unsuccessful partly because of the impending bad weather and mostly because of Alexis' intervention. 

Following the psychic's predictions from last week, Alexis was convinced that Blake was going to expire and she did everything in her power to protect him. 

Eventually, Cristal and Blake joined all the other churchgoers in spending Thanksgiving at the Manor. 

After serving meals, Cristal and Blake snuck to the wine cellar to continue "getting to know each other."

When the severe storm warning turned into a tornado warning, everyone went to seek shelter downstairs and walked in on Blake and Cristal getting it on. 

Meanwhile, Fallon was feeling a little buzzed from mixing the pills with alcohol and when Culhane asked her to apologize to his mother one more time, she rushed back upstairs where she called him out being distant and cuddling up to some blonde woman. 

Culhane begged her to go back to return downstairs where there was shelter from the storm, but she refused and eventually, she was knocked out by a porcelain cow figurine when the wind gained momentum. 

The next thing you know, Fallon is dressed as Dorothy and chatting with Glenda, the Good Witch of the North, who just so happened to be Alexis in her dream-state. 

As the Good Witch fought the Wicked Witch aka replacement Cristal, Fallon went on to find the wizard. 

First, she encountered Liam as the Scare Crow, then she found Culhane as the champagne drinking Tin Man, and finally, Sammy as the Lion. 

They followed the yellow brick road all the way to the "other room" where Luella, the wizard, was telling Fallon she would never be good enough. 

When she looked behind the curtain, she was surprised to see that she was the wizard the whole time because "Fallon would only listen to herself."

Before she could go back to reality, wizard Fallon told her she had to make a decision between Culhane and Liam. 

Back in the real world, Fallon called Liam with a teary goodbye that Culhane overheard just after his mother finally gave them their blessing. 

Meanwhile, Sammy realized Kirby was way too crazy to be the mother of his child with Steven, however, he still helped her repair her damaged relationship with Anders. 

Cristal pieced a few things together and realized Blue Belt, the company that purchased her clinic and gave every employee a hefty severance check, belonged to Blake. 

When she confronted him, he explained that he's used to getting what he wants and needed a reason to make her stay. 

Then, he got down on one knee and asked Cristal to marry him. 

Alexis finally got enough money to pay off Hank. He constructed a clever plan sending Claudia to a fake meeting place to get the cash when, in reality, he took the money from Alexis and left baby Matthew at her doorstep with a letter that said: "my mom is crazy."

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Kirby: Remember they have to stick this up my down under.
Sammy: Not that specific one. I doubt it's BYOB.
Kirby: Hmmm?
Sammy: The second "B" is for "baster."

Oh, looks like someone's having a leg, a breast and a thigh. Can you two put some clothes on? People need to take shelter.