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The episode kicks off with a flashback to six months earlier and gives us a glimpse at how Adam, formerly known as Mikey, found out that he was kidnapped as a young child from the Carrington family. 

Upon learning of his real birth parents and the wealth he could have had access to, Adam explodes on his "other mother."

Eventually, we find out that he gave her a lethal dose of tranquilizers before setting his sights on Blake and co. 

Adam arrives at the Carrington manor, but Fallon isn't having any of it. 

They've been through the Adam spiel before with Hank, and since Blake's been going through a lot with the loss of his unborn child, she wants to minimize all the drama. 

But Blake believes otherwise. 

After losing his child, he's looking for something to fulfill the void and has a feeling that Adam is his biological son. 

Adam agrees to get a DNA test done to prove that he's telling the truth. 

And sure enough, the test comes back positive. 

Blake is overjoyed, but Fallon isn't buying Adam's sob story. 

She and Sammy Jo traveled to Billings, Montana to get some dirt on Adam.

She confronts her 'brother' about losing his medical license for writing false prescriptions and stealing the drugs. 

However, Adam admits that the drugs were stolen for his sick mother. 

Despite ordering Sammy to keep the fact that Steven was committed to a mental hospital in Paris a secret, she tells the family when Blake suggests he and Adam visit Steven in Paraguay. 

As you recall from Dynasty Season 2 Episode 14, Steven assumed he was hallucinating a man named George who ended up being Adam the whole time. He was attempting to convince Steven's family that he was losing it so he could take his place. 

Fallon slowly comes around to the idea that maybe Adam is exactly what her father needs right now. 

But when Adam kisses Fallon on the lips as a "goodnight kiss," she realizes that maybe she should have followed her gut. 

Adam pays his birth mother, Alexis, a visit and questions her about Hank. 

He snuck into the hospital records department and realized she faked Hank's DNA test to convince the family he was Adam. 

Alexis apologizes and Adam forgives her, but as she burns the last remaining evidence, he pushes her face down into the fire in the fireplace. 

As Blake deals with the loss of one child and the return of another, Cristal tends to the family business -- the new soccer team Blake bought her as an engagement gift. 

She teams up with Culhane to purchase the land Colby wants for his neighborhood rec center, but Colby refuses to go into business with the Carrington's again. 

When the city votes against his business idea, Colby believes he outsmarted the Carrington clan by selling his land at half the price to DiFiero Exports. 

The joke is on Colby though because DiFiero is a fake company that Cristal contracted her family to create so she could secure the land on Blake's behalf. 

She meets with her brother who hands her two tickets to thank her father in person. 

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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Look, I swear, any other day we would be very open to having you scam us, but my dad is a mess and he doesn't need any more stress right now. Maybe you can, I don't know, come back in a month and we can go from there?


Alright, here's how this is gunna go. I'm gunna tell Anders to book you a room at a Motel 7 or 8 or whatever, I don't care, and if the DNA test results are positive, we will move you to a Ritz. But for now, I'm perfectly fine being an only child.