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Blake and Cristal gather the family to tell them about their engagement, which comes as quite a shocker since it happened so quickly. 

Alexis attempts to drive Cristal away so that she can fulfill her destiny with Blake. 

At first, she warns Cristal to "get out while her heart is still in one piece," before reminding her that Blake has done this once before.

When Alexis finds all the flowers in her loft turned dark, she assumes the place is haunted by Celia's ghost. 

Cristal offers to help her get rid of the angry spirits with sage, which sets off the sprinklers. 

At this point, Alexis is convinced Cristal killed her plants and flooded her loft to drive her out first. 

She vows to prove that Cristal isn't as "innocent" as she's lead Blake to believe. 

A little while later when Cristal comes home, she finds insults like "liar" written on her bedroom wall in blood by the angered spirits. 

She caves and admits to being responsible for the dead plants and apologizes to Alexis who records everything and runs off to Blake.

Blake doesn't care one bit because "Alexis is a thorn in his side" and gifts Cristal with a diamond for her ring. 

Alexis seizes the opportunity to leave the baby, Little Blake, in the nativity scene manger for Sammy to find. 

Sammy immediately embraces the baby as "God sent" for him and Steven. 

Kirby and Anders assist him in finding a nanny, but during the rigorous interview process, they decide they can handle it on their own.

As they get matching tattoos, the tattoo artist, Manuel, gives them pointers on how to burp a baby and reveals he's an experienced babysitter. 

Obviously, they hire him.

Cristal asks Sammy to run to Alexis' trailer to find out her clothing size so she can make amends with some presents. 

However, this is a trap because when Sammy does so, he finds the real baby Jesus hidden in there with a real baby seat. 

Cristal confronts Alexis and demands to know where she got the baby from. 

Meanwhile, Fallon attempts to start a record label with Monica as a way to get her mind off of Liam. 

Monica admits the joint-venture might work and they plan to scout talent at their open-mic night at Club Colby.

Monica orders Colby to remove all his poker tables thus putting a damper in his and Culhane's poker game, which doesn't sit well with Ada. 

During the open-mic night, Ada shows up disguised as an A&R employee for a label. 

Culhane realizes she's putting everyone, including Monica and Fallon,  in danger so he pulls the fire alarm causing a stampede. 

Monica gets out of there with a broken ankle. Fallon became so terrified about losing Culhane, she realized she wants to marry him as soon as possible. 

However, Colby figured out what happened and told Monica the truth that he's being blackmailed by Ada. 


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Dynasty Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Anders: What the hell is all the noise?
Kirby: Oh, just What to Expect When You're Expecting Meets American Ninja Warrior.

Fallon: Jeff! You're an objective third party. Where do you stand on Whitney covers?
Jeff: Is this a trap?