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Drop Dead Diva Season 5

"Jane's Secret Revealed"

In the Drop Dead Diva season 5 finale, Jane represents an Amish farmer against a big oil company while Grayson helps a dominatrix collect a debt from a client.

"Guess Who's Coming"

Deb's mother needs Jane's representation for a scandalous sex solicitation case while Grayson must travel to Wyoming for the latest case on Drop Dead Diva.

"One Shot"

Jane faces the challenge of representing a client in Witness Protection and Grayson's client wants him to draw up a love contract on Drop Dead Diva.

"The Kiss"

A woman files a lawsuit when she's injured during a wife swap exercise and Paul sets Jane up on a blind date on Drop Dead Diva.

"Trust Me"

Drop Dead Diva is back with a new episode and it includes a vampire! Read on for a recap of "Trust Me."

"50 Shades of Grayson"

Jane must head to the border to get a groom back home for his wedding when a bachelor party gets out of hand on Drop Dead Diva.

"Missed Congeniality"

When a pageant contestant declares that the contest is rigged, she is stripped of her crown and Stacy tells Jane that Owen would make the perfect sperm donor on Drop Dead Diva.

"Fool for Love"

When a professor is arrested for smuggling drugs, Jane and Owen represent him and Jane attempts to reconcile with Owen on Drop Dead Diva.

"Secret Lives"

Jane defends a baseball player who is charged with murder. Owen's new assistant tries to fix Grayson's broken heart and Teri helps Stacy figure out what to look for in a sperm donor on Drop Dead Diva.


A teen accused of cheating on his SATs is represented by Jane and Owen while Grayson and Kim defend a dog owner whose dog is accused of getting a prize winning pooch pregnant on Drop Dead Diva.


When the parents go missing, a surrogate mom searches for them before she delivers their child and Jane represents a bride suing the groom who left her at the altar on Drop Dead Diva.

"The Real Jane"

Jane defends a death row inmate with the "Old Jane" who now resides in the body of a sexy model on Drop Dead Diva.

"Back From the Dead"

Jane desperately searches for Owen who disappeared just before their wedding on the season 5 premiere of Drop Dead Diva

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