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Drop Dead Diva Season 4

"Jane's Getting Married"

On Drop Dead Diva, Grayson finally reveals his feelings for Jane on the day of her wedding. A woman declines surgery because her illness has given her new intelligence.

"Picks and Pakes"

On Drop Dead Diva, Jane achieves unexpected stardom when she gives Nancy Grace a black eye.

"Family Matters"

On Drop Dead Diva, Jane represents the mother of a teenager who ended up on life support after attending a rave while Kim and Grayson take on the case of a gay sperm donor.

"Lady Parts"

On Drop Dead Diva, when Deb's mom is sued by a student for possibly causing a serious injury, Jane agrees to defend her.

"Ashes to Ashes"

Jane and Grayson defend a woman with a major problem this week: she's hooked on eating her late husband's ashes.

"Road Trip"

On Drop Dead Diva, Jane helps a student with a case when she visits with a her former professor, only to find out that the professor is opposing counsel.


On Drop Dead Diva, Jane steps in to defend someone she use to babysit who is now accused of murder. Then Jane gets devastating news about Owen.


On Drop Dead Diva, an engineer ends up dead when an oil rig malfunctions. Parker ends up in a custody fight for his son.

"Happily Ever After"

On Drop Dead Diva, Jane takes on an international incident when a Bhutanese woman seeks asylum to avoid marrying a prince.

"Winning Ugly"

On Drop Dead Diva, Parker's son shows up at work during a busy day. Jane and Kim are involved in the case when a reality makeover show producer gets sued.

"Freak Show"

On Drop Dead Diva, Jane must handle a wrongful termination case while Owen's sister has Kim and Parker represent her during her divorce.

On Drop Dead Diva, Jane is uncomfortable with how involved Luke becomes in her personal life. A father is sued by his 16 year old teen who is a video game genius.

"Welcome Back"

Season four of Drop Dead Diva kicks off with a special guest star. Yes, it's Kim Kardashian.

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