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Edith receives news that Gregson is dead.  Mary finds out that Lord Gillingham and Mr. Blake are coming to Downton. 

Mrs. Patmore is still deciding what to invest her money in. 

Violet makes another trip to visit Prince Kuragin to tell him that she may have news of the princess. Meanwhile, Violet's new maid and Mr. Sprat don't get along. Mrs. Crawley tells Violet that she has decided what to do with Lord Merton. 

Robert is still mad at Cora after the incident with Mr. Bricker. 

Bates discovers the Marie Stopes book that Anna hid for Mary.

Scotland Yard detectives return to Downton to question Baxter about information on Bates and Mr. Greene. Mrs. Hughes finds out about Baxter's past. 

Thomas reveals to Mrs. Baxter what he has been doing to himself and she tells him that he needs to go to the doctor. Mrs. Baxter tells Thomas that she knows it was him who told on Mr. Bates. Dr. Clarkson tells Thomas that there is nothing he can do to change himself. 

Mary gets her hair cut in a bob and decides to participate in the horse race.  

Edith is upset that everyone is celebrating in light of the news of Gregson's death. 

Rose invites Mr. Aldridge to the race. 

Mr. Moseley offers to help Daisy with her studies and the two talk about how he wanted to be a teacher. 

Edith reveals to Branson that she is leaving the family while they are away at the race. Edith goes to the Drewe's and tells them that she is taking Marigold with her. 

Isobel accepts Lord Merton's proposal. 


Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Igor: You wouldn't admit it if it were true. You think to be unhappy in a marriage is ill-bred.
Violet: You do know me Igor. That I must concede.
Igor: Yes.

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Mary: I am tempted to remind them of what they have been missing.
Anna: You would never be that heartless.