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Violet and Isobel surprise Rose at the the church where she is helping take care of the Russian refugees, where Violet goes to visit Prince Kuragin. 

Daisy's studies start to get in the way of her duties and she is berated by Mrs. Patmore. 

Mary, Tom and Robert begin to go over the plans for building new houses on their land to sell. 

Lord Morten asks Isobel to marry him and says that he is in love with her. Isobel begins to seriously consider his offer and it disturbs Violet who feels she does not understand Isobel anymore. 

Cora tells Robert that Mr. Bricker is coming back to visit the Abbey. Rose's father Shrimpy is coming to the Abbey to stay and Mary suspects that Rose's parents are getting a divorce.  Cora also continues to argue with Robert about Mr. Bricker's visit. 

Mr.Mosely is finding his duties as first footman difficult. Meanwhile Mrs. Patmore is upset that her nephew Archie's name is being left off the memorial. 

Mary tries to break up with Tony, but he refuses to accept it. Edith is upset that she can no longer visit Marigold. 

Robert summons Mrs. Patmore and Daisy to the dining to room to answer whether Daisy's studies are getting in the way of her kitchen duties. Miss Patmore defends Daisy and Daisy explains that she has never felt more alive. Miss Bunting chastises Robert and he kicks her out of the Abbey. 

Robert decides that they are not going to accept the deal to build houses on the property. 




Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Violet: I agree. Hope is a tease, designed to prevent us accepting reality.
Isobel: Oh, you only say that to sound cleaver.
Violet: I know. You should try it.

Because how ever much the couple may strive to be honest, no one is ever in possession of the facts.