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Anthony Foyle, Lord Gillingham is visiting, as are many others when the Crawleys throw a house party. Edith's beau Michael Gregson is among the guests, as well.

Mr. Green, Lord Gillingham's valet, flirts a bit with Anna, wishing she would call him such, instead of Gillingham.

Edna tells Tom she hopes they are not enemies and wonders why they haven't talked since she got back.

Tom is as confused as an American when it comes to the naming convention of aristocracy and how to address the guests.

Mr. Molesley is acting as a delivery man until he finds another worthy position.

Mary and Gillingham go riding, and Mary talks about how happy she and Mary were. He tells her she was lucky to have known such a great love. Mary's not so sure.

Edith can't get over the fact Gregson is doing so much just to be with her.

Cora has arranged for the staff to listen to the musical guest during the party, something that would never have happened before the war.

Jimmy is unable to carry a tray to serve dinner, so Thomas must act as a footman during the meal.

Tom asks the Duchess to dance when she makes an appeal saying she no longer has a partner.

Tom feels more uncomfortable as the Duchess starts asking if he knows the highborn in his county in Ireland.

Mary is upset when she realizes they are all dancing to Matthew's gramophone.

Carson asks Molesley to be a footman for the weekend.

Daisy thinks Mrs. Patmore is having a heart attack.

Robert is surprised to learn Dame Nellie knows wine.

Gillingham asks if Mary might want to have dinner sometime in London. She's flattered that he wants to ask. Isobel is unhappy people are moving on.

Bates is angry at Anna for enjoying herself while Mrs. Patmore fell ill. It turned out to be a panic attack.

Tom tells Robert he doesn't belong at Downton and has let everyone down.

Anna has a terrible headache during Dame Nellie's performance and leaves to get something for it.

Gillingham is playing poker with Sampson.

Green blocks Anna from going back upstairs and proceeds to brutally rape her.

Mrs. Hughes sees Green coming back to his chair during the concert.

Gregson wins back all of Robert's losses.

Gregson gives all of his IOUs back to Robert.

Anna refuses to let anyone know but Mrs. Hughes because she's afraid of Bates murdering Green and then being hanged.

Robert doesn't think so poorly of Gregson any longer.

Edna sneaks into someone's room. Perhaps Tom's, but perhaps it's a red herring given his earlier conversation with her about understanding him.

Green says goodbye to Bates and Anna and thanks them for their hospitality. Anna goes out walking.


Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Jimmy: Of course it was poker. You can't lose a fortune playing snap.
Molesley: I could.

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Oh you know Mary. She's always quite opaque.