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It's 1919 and the last remnants of the convalescent hospital have been removed from the Abbey.

Thomas decides to go into the black market.

Robert wonders why Mrs. Bates didn't leave a note.

Richard asks Anna to spy on Mary.

Upon learning of Richard's request, he decides not to work for Mary.

Matthew's injury is not permanent and he announces he wants to get maried at Downton Abbey.

Sybil tells Branson she is ready to leave the Abbey with him.

Violet tells Matthew that Mary is still in love with him.

Sybil and Branson try to elope, but Mary and Edith stop it.

Thomas unknowingly sells Mrs. Padmore "off" goods from the black market.

Jane tenders her resignation but Robert does not accept.

Thomas hopes to stay on at the Abbey when his fortune is gone, but he has no sympathy from Carson.

Anna finally puts her foot down after watching how Sybil handles herself with Branson and demands that Bates take out a special license so they can marry immediately.

While everyone is ailing, Mary and Matthew dance and kiss.

Robert and Jane almost make love, but Bates disturbs them.

Robert visits Branson and tries to pay him off to leave Sybil alone.

Matthew and Lavinia decide to put off the wedding due to the quick spreading of the flu.

Major Bryant's parents return with an offer to take Charley and raise him as their grandson, but Ethel must give up all rights to him.

Lavinia decides to put off marrying Matthew indefinitely, and then her flu takes a drastic turn, and she passes away.

Bates and Anna marry, and Mary gets a room ready for them to share their wedding night together.

Robert decides to give Sybil and Branson his blessing, and Violet sees things on the bright side. Branson is political, a writer and possibily related to some well-to-do Bransons in their social circle.

Bates is arrested for the murder of the former Mrs. Bates.

Downton Abbey
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Downton Abbey Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

The customs are so strange in this country. A couple is barely allowed two seconds alone before they are expected to walk down the aisle.


Cora: So you still want to keep him on?
Robert: Cora, Bates' wife has committed suicide. It's very sad, of course, but not when I last looked, a reason to sack him.