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What did we learn this weekend on Dollhouse? We're gonna ignore the actual plot here, and go over this flashback-heavy episode:

- The Actives are named after the military alphabet code. We already know Echo, naturally, and we met Sierra in the series premiere. Turns out that Alpha is a former Active that has gone rogue.

- In a flashback, we discovered that Alpha is responsible for the scars on Dr. Saunders' face.

- We also get a flashback of Adelle Dewitt interviewing Langton. The Dollhouse has chosen to hire better, more experienced handlers for their actives since the Alpha incident. She also takes him to the body of Samuelson, Echo's former handler. He was sliced up by Alpha.

- When asked about Alpha, in a flashback, Topher claims that he was an anomaly. He says can't imprint Actives with any basic skills to defend themselves or else bad things such Alpha take place.

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Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Connell: (as they rock climb) You know what they say about looking down?
Echo: Don't?
Connell: Really don't.

Topher: Okay, retasking satellite 7115. It's going to take a few to move into alignment.
Boyd: Thanks.
Topher: Anything for you. Because I love you. Deep, deep man love.