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Something strange happens in this episode: Echo, Sierra and Victor wake up within the Dollhouse, but significant parts of their original personalities have returned. As a result, the trio plans an escape.

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Dollhouse Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Adelle: Topher?
Topher: I've scrubbed them as much as I safely can. If we pursued the short-range calcium modulin K2 amplified, I could advance the protein's corrosion of long-term potentiation.
Adelle: Done. Whatever that means.

Ballard: Can I trace where it was transmitting?
Jimmy: Absolutely... if you were E.T.. It inverts the frequency into white noise. The only way you could find it once it hits the universe is to know exactly which speck of dust you're looking for and tune in on it.
Ballard: What about scrambling it?
Jimmy: Someone put this on you? You're gonna need an RF detector, a smart scrambler, and a frequency jammer. And to believe in God. Because I don't care how big you think you are, they're bigger.